It is important to keep in mind the consequences of a problem when it is not addressed or resolved appropriately. It can lead to : 


✓ Poor customer service / satisfaction

✓ Bad reviews and PR

✓ Unhappy employees

✓ Higher costs

✓ Loss of revenue

Creating magic is very similar to solving problems, both need a solution, and a suitable one. The most impossible the trick (or problem) seems, the better. 

Do we think differently ?


One of the questions I get asked regularly is "when you see a trick, do you know how it is done?". The answer is yes, however there can be rare exceptions. I got into magic at an early age and after a little while, I could work out some of the magic tricks I saw on TV. I didn't become more clever but it was clear that my thought process changed. This is what I aim to teach and revealing how solving someone's problem got me on Sir Richard Branson's jet.

"We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them"

Albert Einstein